In October of 2001, the world was blessed with the arrival of Ix-Chel, the Maya Goddess of the Moon, who came to Earth in the body of a beautiful Canine known as a Miniature Eskimo. Shortly after she was old enough to leave her Mama, through a series of serendipitous circumstances, we became the Guardians of this Amazing Creature, and remained so until she chose to return home sixteen years later. We have never been the same.


     During her brief stay, she captured the hearts of many, many, along the way, who recognized not only her captivating Beauty, but also her indomitable Spirit, which contributed to her longevity while dealing with more than her share of life-threatening experiences. Several times we were informed to prepare for the worst, and each time, with the assistance of her extraordinary team of Medical Angels, whom we are convinced she sent ahead of her with their own unique lifesaving skills, she overcame these obstacles and dire predictions, until her mortal body finally could no longer support her Divine Presence.


     While she was here, she not only shared her Love and Beauty with whomever she came in contact with, but also served as Teacher and Mentor not only to us, her Earth Family, but also to each and every member of the Animal Medical Community that she enlightened with her abilities.


     Her departure, while sleeping in my arms, under the auspices of the Full Wolf Moon, awakened my Indigenous Ancestral memories surrounding the importance of Ceremony and Ritual, prompting me to stay with her overnight, preparing her, and ourselves, for the transition of her Beautiful Body the next morning. As we travelled North, the thickest fog in quite some time set in, and even the trees by the side of the road stood motionless, peering through the fog to honour her passing. Once we arrived at our destination, deep in the woods, a family of Deer kept station outside, until it was time for us to return home with her in her new state, where she resides in the centre of her Shrine. She is always with us, in more ways than one.


     The discovery later that there did not appear to be much available to assist others in Honouring the Spirits of their Animal Family Members, is the motivation for the creation of this site, which is part of her Legacy.